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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  December 9, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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california, we are live with the latest and this season's most popular gift may be the most dangerous, the video capturing a recurring problem with hover boards. >> a tradition more than 100 years old, operation santa is in full swing. we'll tell you how to be a part of giving a happy holiday to children in need. a neighbor of the terrorist responsible for the deadly rampage in san bernardino, may face charges. investigators say that the neighbor bought two of the assault style weapons used in the attacks. marcy gonzales joins us with the details. >> a new revelation from the fbi about online discussions the killer couple had about terrorism as early as two years ago. >> new insight into the couple that carried out the terror attacks in san bernardino. new video showing they were
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radicalized even before they started dating. >> at the end of 201 they were talking about jihad and martyrdom. investigators say they may bring gun charges against his former neighbor, enrique marquez, the man accused of buying the rifles used in in the massacre the man checked himself into the facility the next day and may have known about the terror plot. >> he says things there are so many muslims in the backyard, i'm ready to go haywire and attack. and now farooks parents are on the watch list, his mother was added yesterday. >> i don't think the fbi knows what their role is or if there is a role. if you add them to the no fly list they can't return home and
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that makes them valuable to be interviewed. they are looking into money put into his bank account. they believe he took out a loan to help care for the baby daughter they were leaving behind. >> law enforcement officials tell abc news, that on the cell phones and computers, the couple tried to destroy, investigators say they destroyed images of other targets they were planning to attack. >> marcy thank you. chicago mayor, rahm emanuel has apologized for the 2014 killing of a black teenager that was shot 16 times by a white police officer, the mayor said that the police force needs complete and total reform. it was two weeks ago that the video was released showing the death of laquan mcdonald and jason vandyke is charged with first degree murder.
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they say the reforms must go beyond the police department and into the city itself. and the trial for the police officer charged in the death of freddie gray continues today. the defense called a forensic pathologist. he says he disagrees with the timing of the fatal injury, the assistant medical examiner says the neck was most likely broken between the second and fourth stop was likely to blame. a would be thief hit him several times with a han gun, this is video from the king philly laupdry in philadelphia. on december 2nd, the man walked in and pointed a handgun and demanded money, a pursuit ensues and the attacker hit him several times with the butt of the gun. if you have information or know who this man is please call
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police. a woman and her boyfriend are facing charges of witness intimidation, authorities say that chanel schafer and her boyfriend tracked down a witness in a case against wiley, and influenced them not to testify. she is arrested and fired from her position at the juvenile probation department and wiley is still on the run. turning to the weather, it's nice out there and getting a whole lot nicer, david murphy is enjoying the sunshine. you have a coat on but you won't need it later? >> no, we have cloud cover moving over the terrace and some of you seeing sun and you can see some of that breaking through the clouds and hitting the buildings and trees behind me, satellite shows the cloud cover thickening up and getting a break and clouds and sun the rest of the way today.
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35 is the low in philadelphia, and dropped to the 20s in allentown and reading and lancaster, and down below close to freezing in wilmington, delaware. but things are responding nicely with the southerly flow and sunshine from the early morning hours, 55 in philadelphia and down south where the clouds were thicker, washington 46 but you get a break in the clouds there you'll see the number climb. and new york 39 degrees, cool but not too bad along the east coast. 52 by 2:00 and we'll see a high of 56 at 3:00 and by 4:00 still holding on to a 53 degree reading and clouds mixing with sunny breaks, it cools down again and 49, 47 by 8:00 and 46 by 10:00. we expect to sit on that overnight before we turn it around again because milder air
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despite the darkness is setting from the southwest and we won't get as cool tonight as the last several nights, if you have plans to go out i recommend a light jacket and more activity and exercise you are doing the less you need it. still none the else the mild pattern continues and gets betterer in the days ahead. >> thank you david. looking at those temperatures it doesn't feel like christmas just a few weeks away and but the holiday spirit is in full swing. dozens of people are stepping up to help youngsters in need. katherine scott has the latest from the headquarters of operation santa. >> it's a good thing and makes me feel good and it warms my heart. >> barbara moore came to philadelphia's main post office for stamps but is leaving with a letter to santa to help a family in need. >> i believe this will give them hope, and they'll have some encouragement for the future that people are good and you can
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get things and there is a santa claus. >> santa claus is busy this time of year so operation santa is around for more than 100 years to help him. the program matches customers and businesses with letters written to santa, some include some of the family's story on how they fell on hard times and the items they would like from clothes to shoes. the philadelphia post master, is moved by the generosity she has seen. >> i thought i would be reading some of that, when i think back to when i was a kid. rose says so far they have received 500 letters, 300 locationly and more than 70 were selected and hopes that that number grows by friday's selection deadline. a letter from a single mother of two stood out. >> they are in need of clothes
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and shoes, the clothes and shoes and food are really important. >> you can read and choose the letters at the 1500 block of chestnut street and bring back the gifts with proper postage and packaging. >> the help for this young lady will go a long way. you have until friday at 3:00 to pick up a letter and all packages must be mailed from this post office by next wednesday. >> a nice thing to do. more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, it's the most popular gift of the holiday season, the hover board but a new warning about its safety, apparently it can burst into flames. if you don't have show time or starz you will soon be able to check out the shows any way, one on lean retailers is offer paid entertainment.
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a shopper captured this dramatic video of a hover board on fire outside of a store. witnesses say the hover board burst into flames twice. >> they were staring like how did that happen? and why did that happen? for no apparent reason it exploded. this is just one incident in a string that has happened to hover boards. state marshals have said this is not unique. today marks the 150th anniversary of the 15th amendment that formerly abolished slavery. a ceremony was given at the
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eemancipation hall, president obama gave the remarks and he urged americans to push back against bigotry. he is joined by the house and senate and black caucus. >> there is affirmative action in the admissions process today. the white man's challenge for the use of race, and the university of flag ship campus in austin is using compelling reasons, when it evaluated applicants for the freshman class. they are assigned on the court's majority is forced to cut back or end affirmative action. >> the senate is set to vote today to rewrite the no child left behind law, it will keep the requirements for statewide reading and math exams but
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encourage states to set caps on the time set on testing. amazon is going to start offering show time and stars, users that stream video under the prime plan will get the two channels as well as two dozen lesser known channels, but have you to pay an additional fee, it will cost $99 a year, premium channels usually run a month with cable. german chancellor, angela merkel is named person of the year, they praised her on everything from the syrian crisis to the greek economic problems. merkel who is 61 is the fourth woman since 1927 to be chosen for the honor.
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a boy battling cancer got his christmas wish from people all over the world. jack was born with a condition that causes seizures and other medical issues and his parents say it's tough. he asked santa to give him a mailbox full of cards and his parents posted this on facebook, and they are getting cards from all over the world. jack plans to put the cards all over the walls of his room and they are a comfort to him when he is having a bad day. >> looking outside from sky 6 hd showing you temple university. meteorologist, david murphy says today will get nicer when "action news" comes right back.
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dave is back with another check of your lovely accuweather forecast. >> it's looking good this half noon and getting belter over the next couple of days. stormtracker 6 live double scan scanning the lehigh valley looking for rain and not seeing any just yet. there could be a piece, just a sprinkle here or there overnight but the rest of us are looking good. as we look outside we are looking at a nice morning building into a nice afternoon, it shows you all the early sunshine that helps the numbers to bump up a bit and now the kilaueas are getting thicker in the afternoon and leveling the temperatures off a bit. we are in the 50s for now and that is the first highlight in your forecast and we have the 60s and records coming back into play before we are done this week, 55 is your current temperature and win ds are light.
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radar and satellite shows you a sunny stretch and clouds are filling in a bit and sunshine is punching through the clouds, may see an emergence of sun over the next couple of hours, generally speaking we'll go with a mix of clouds and sun and there is the 56 we are expecting if philadelphia and a come of spots around here, might go 57 or so, and 50 on the nose in allentown and 50 is the high in reading, the further south we go the milder it is, and 54 down in the point of cape may, with a 56 degree reading in atlantic city at the airport, here are the numbers the rest of the way, our high is 56 degrees, we'll be right about there and all wait down to 48 at 7:00 tonight. then temperatures level off a
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little bit. we'll see clouds increase and that has a tendency to hold the ground warmth and the southerly flow continue, 46 is the low and we get close to that. and temperatures holding steady and it will not be as cold as it has been the last couple of mornings, we have a disturbance coming through and that could produce a fireup sprinkle or brief shower across the region, up north will be the best chance, that is while you are sleeping and doesn't amount to all of that much and maybe this evening there is something around and clouds in the morning giving way to increased sunshine and a milder high of 60 degrees, we are still in the southerly flow and as this warm front gets past us, we could be challenging record highs into the weekend, 60s come back tomorrow though, and stay with us and increase between now and into saturday and sunday.
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here is the exclusive accuweather forecast, we continue the week of hanukkah across the delaware and lehigh valleys, a nice afternoon, tomorrow a bit milder, winds not that strong and a mix of sun and clouds, a surge of mild air, 63 is the high, army navy game looking good and eagles looking at possible record warmth, 70 is the high on sunday and monday we'll go for a high of 67 degrees, a delightful afternoon at lincoln financial field. for eagles and buffalo bills. more clouds on monday and 63 withlarity rain and then back to the sun and cooler on tuesday. >> hopefully he hits a home run david. you can get a look at stormtracker 6 live double scan
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any time on our website just go to website/weather. it's holiday time and families are hitting the road and whether the trip is long or short people should ride safe and secure, in this week's health matters, erin o'hearn has reminders for every family with little ones. >> all child car seats are built with the same safety standards but parents should not think they fit in every car. 40% of potential cars and seat combinations were not combatable and higher price does not mean a good fit. safety expert gena says before you buy -- >> try the car seat in the car. >> make sure the car seat is nice and tight. >> and check the tilt particularly for newborns or infants who cannot hold their heads up. >> keep his airway open.
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rolled up towels should not be used to adjust the fit unless the manufacturer says it's okay. >> the backseat is the furthest place away. but make sure it does the not interfere with the child seat. as kids grow don't rush to move them to the next seat, maximize the height and weight limits for the one you have. when it comes time for the booster seat -- >> have him sit in the booster seat and see how he fits and how he likes it. >> they have other tips, follow the story here at on our people scene this noon, a warning from new york's attorney general for anyone about to shed out big cash for springsteen tickets, attorney
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general has sent letters to stubhub and ticket network asking about the practice of offering seats on secondary markets, tickets are on sale for as much as $6,000, some of the scalpers don't even have the tickets yet and the sites are ordered to remove the tickets for the boss. >> melissa rivers makes her big screen acting debut playing her mom. she appears as joan in a scene at her qvc show, rivers said her mom would have encouraged her to take the role. joy opens on christmas day. the screen actors guild has announced their nominations for the past year.
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on the television side the political drama house of cards has three nominations. the awards will be broadcast live on january 30th. fans of the hunger games may soon have more of the story to look forward to. lions gate studio is considering a prequel to the popular franchise, the three films have so far grossed $2.8 billion worldwide.
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david with a final look at the mild temperatures. >> up in the northwestern suburbs we are if the 50 degree range and low 50s in spots, not a lot of wind involved.
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maybe 6 to 12 miles per hour in the middle of the region and 55 is your high in philadelphia and 56's down at the shore. >> thanks david. a look now at stories coming up later this afternoon on "action news" beginning at 4:00. the teacher accused of leading students in allentown on walkouts is now out of a job. >> and matt o'donnell sits down with actors from star wars the force awakens. for david murphy and rick williams, i'm sara bloomquist have a great after foon.
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